A somewhat conflicting Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing post here!…
One the one hand, I am in admiration of Keira Knightley speaking publicly of the PTSD that she experienced at the age of 22, adjusting to major changes in her lifestyle – you can read for yourself here:
However, it then saddens me to read that Keira publicly (by that I mean published in written format that has been released worldwide) criticised another person who lives with an overbearing amount of public scrutiny and opinion – for the way that they appeared after having a baby:
From my external and personal viewpoint, surely Keira 'performing' on the red carpet at Awards evenings and Kate 'performing' on the hospital steps after a birth are two very similar situations?
I am left wondering how Kate really did feel on that day, as no doubt inside she did actually feel similar to how Keira described her own birthing experiences?
Why do we all (myself included) feel we can pass judgement on people which, in turn affect our personal feelings, emotions and mental health wellbeing?