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"The organisation of the Electives programme was very impressive with a wide choice of options available for our students"
John Nicholson Academy, West Bromwich
"I am satisfied that I am now capable of leading children. The teacher had a lot of knowledge and that made the course easier. The worksheets helped us to gain knowledge"
Deepak Gill CSLA course, West Bromwich
"Becki established excellent rapport with the students in such a short time. Learn2 are extremely professional and I would recommend them to any teaching establishment"
Jon Lawrie CofE School, Coventry
"Learn2 provided a personable Instructor, who delivered the course well. We experienced good communication throuhgout"
Natalie Silcox Teambuilding Day, South Wales
"Our course was taught well and efficiently meaning that it kept our interest throughout. The teaching was fluent and helped us to make sure we were never stuck for ideas"
Martin Davies CSLA course, Grimsby
"The course will help me a lot with my coaching and everything on our course was planned and explained. We had fun everyday as well as learning"
Kieran Matthews CSLA course, Whitgift
"The project was well organised and the dedication of the facilitator was evident. The activities were well thought and matched the level of the students"
Monica Mehra Academy, Peckham
"Very good communication before, during and after... Overall, Learn2 exceeded all objectives!"
Victoria Henley North East Lincolnshire Council
"A successful moderation. The correct level of paperwork was used with all PDRs being of a high standard. The supporting evidence was also strong"
External Moderator Level 2 Key Skills Awarding Body
"I am glad that I learned new information because I wasn't as confident as I am now. Our teacher was very reliable and informative and the worksheets were good and understandable "
Danny Taylor CSLA course, Grimsby
"Before the course I had all the information forward to me with very detailed instructions on where to go, which was really useful! The location was fantastic - what a great facility! The training was fun, engaging and hands on which was good. We were able to practise within a friendly environment in a small group. The training was beneficial in many ways; giving the confidence that in an emergency I would know what to do; being able to practise in a comfortable environment was really handy in a small group so we were all able to orators the skill we learnt. I would definitely recommend to others."
Deanna Infant School Staff (Paediatric First Aid course)