The Learn2 Education Centre (LEC) is an educational charity with one objective; To advance education for the public benefit for disaffected, disengaged and/or vulnerable young people and adults. As part of the provision, a maximum of six learners may attend one day per week to complete sessions in Functional Skills English and Maths, PSHE (Year 9) or Employability (Year 10/11) related units.

The LEC is situated in extended walking distance of a city centre and on number of main bus routes. The LEC has a welcome area with casual seating, a (small!) kitchenette, two delivery rooms and a soft seating room. All areas are designed for six learners to access.

All learners travel independently to our provision and are required to remain onsite throughout the whole day. Learners have access to an outside garden (weather permitting) at break times and Year 9 learners are not permitted to smoke. There are no other learners or visitors on site whilst scheduled groups are in attendance.

Specific to this child study, the identified learner is scheduled to attend The LEC one day per week with five other learners from his setting and year group. Two qualified and experienced teaching staff members co-ordinate delivery and support throughout the day.

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