Today is *allegedly* (according to published sites) "Kick a Ginger Day" – in 2018 in such a developed Western world, how can these things even exist?
When looking into this further, I found dedicated websites describing all sorts of things, including comments like 'it's OK as Gingers don't have souls' – talk about fake news or what?!
There is no way that I could reference any site as I refuse to increase traffic to them, but instead am choosing to link to a newspaper article from 2013.
This whole notion of targeting a specific sector of population exists however and it is likely that at least once a day we even make light-hearted comments that poke fun at someone or about something someone does/has etc.
Today I will be giving an extra thought to people who, on a daily basis either choose to stay in their house, or leave their house with increased anxiety for reasons known to themselves. I will also make an extra effort to ensure that I greet everyone I come across with a cheery smile and know that I am grateful for them being part of my day.
How can you contribute to increasing positive mental wellbeing today?…