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These SFJ Awards qualifications are delivered through our approved centre status with Industry Qualifications (IQ).

Our Functional Skills programmes are suitable for learners who would like to:

  • have their English and Maths levels assessed
  • improve their social/academic English and Maths skills
  • sit formal English and Maths Functional Skills exams


Enrolled learners attend weekly small group sessions at our education centre where they will develop their English and/or Maths skills in small tutored groups – of no more than 7 other learners. Learners are coached to overcome existing fears/anxieties associated with developing their English and/or Maths. We aim to build their self-confidence and esteem through bite-sized achievements and progressive activities.
  1. Following a pre-assessment, learners will agree a target to work towards and in the majority of instances, an examination level to achieve.
  2. Learners will receive personalised tutor support and guidance to assist them in achieving their personal and academic goals.
  3. Learners sit a formal examination to Awarding Body standards
Learners are anticipated to progress within 6-12 weeks. Learners will progress independently of other learners within their group, to suit their individual needs. Learners will benefit from attending consecutive weeks of delivery in order to progress in a timely manner, in terms of academic understanding, self-confidence and esteem.


The majority of learners are anticipated to be working towards:

  • Entry Level 3 (approximately E/F GCSE levels)
  • Level 1 (approximately ‘D’ GCSE)
  • Level 2 (approximately ‘C’ GCSE level)

Upon successful certification at a level, learners are able to apply for a positive progression (e.g. further education, training, apprenticeship) at the level above.

Additional Support

Learners working at Entry Levels 1 and 2 will be anticipated to require additional learning support; e.g. learners may be newly arrived or have additional educational needs. 

In addition to these learners having formal examination goals, they may have superseding individual goals, such as ones associated with independent living within their local community.

Learners working at Entry levels 1 and 2 will receive tuition and support separately to learners working at Entry level 3 and above.


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