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This Award replaced the Level 4 Certificate Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS)

This Training Qualification UK (TQUK) qualification prepares trainee Tutor/Assessors to deliver learning programmes in a variety of contexts. It offers trainee teachers and individuals currently training and assessing, the knowledge and understanding required for teaching.


It is appropriate for learners aged 19+ who are:

  • currently teaching or training; learners must be able to deliver 30 teaching hours
  • currently working as Assessors that wish to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching
  • learners are not required to have completed the Level 3 Education and Training prior to this course, however, if they have evidence of completing the unit 'Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training' previously, this will not be required to be repeated

Qualification Details

  • 140 GLH (Guided Learning Hours)
  • 360 TQT delivered through blended learning (Total Qualification Time)
  • 36 credits comprised of: 21 from Group A, 15 from Group B
  • At least 21 credits taken at Level 4
  • 30 hours of teaching practice (minimum of 3 session observations)
  • Portfolios are internally verified at our centre

Unit Details

  • (A) Understanding roles, responsibilities, relationships in education & training*. L3, 3 credits
  • (A) Planning to meet needs of learning in education and training. L4, 3 credits
  • (A) Delivering education and training. L4, 6 credits
  • (A) Assessing learners in education and training. L4, 6 credits
  • (A) Using resources for education and training. L4, 3 credits                                                                                                                                
  • (B) Evaluating learning programmes. L4, 3 credits
  • (B) Understanding and managing behaviours in a learning environment. L4, 6 credits
  • (B) Understanding principles & practices of internal assuring quality of assurance**. L4, 6 credits


* This unit does not need to be repeated if already completed as part of a L3 Education and Training qualification *

** This unit is the theory unit of the L4 IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) qualification (Internal Verifier) **

Recommended Reading

You may find it beneficial to purchase the following book prior to the course (and to support your assignment research):

Practical Teaching: a Guide to Teaching in the Education and Training Sector. Linda Wilson. ISBN: 978 1 40807 602 6 (Amazon link)

Course Costs

  • £600 per person (open courses)
  • £3450 per group (group booking, multiples of 6)

* The listed course date (25/12/20) is a permanent open course date to allow learners to book and pay online (the course will not be delivered over one Christmas Day in 2020)!! *

Course Delivery

* Delivery co-ordinated in response to received enquiries and individual learner needs *

* Book your place through the website or via our freephone number *

* Places offered on a first come, first served basis *

* Pick up can be available from the local railway station * 

* Please advise at time of booking should you require disabled assistance *


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