Paediatric First Aid Blog

Paediatric Health and Safety Guide


This guide, written by David Patterson, is an extremely thorough and comprehensive resource regarding Paediatric First Aid - definitely work a read and bookmarking!!

SFA: Updated version of the 2013/14 simplified funding rates catalogue


SFA's updated version of the 2013/2014 Simplified Funding Rates catalogue. The catalogue lists all provision which the SFA has approved for public funding in 2013/2014 and their funding rates.

Ofsted: Why do Ofsted inspectors observe individual lessons and how to they evaluation teaching in schools


Clear and informative, Mike Cladingbowl, National Director, Schools fro Osted summaries why inspectors observe lessons, but that gradings are not necessarily here to stay!

NACUE: An education system fit for an Entrepreneur


Recommendations following the All Party Parliamentary Group for Micro Business calling for better integration of entrepreneur skills at all levels of education.

DfE: Update on Progress 8 measure


DfE factsheet outlining the proposed Progress 8 Measure before it is finalised early 2014.

Learning Spy: Marking is an act of love


The Learning Spy sharing that evidence states 70% of all feedback given by teachers to pupils falls on stony soil, but how 'triple impact marking' has transformed his marking from chore to, if not a pleasure, certainly a highlight of his working routine.

DfE: Non-Statutory advice regarding Work Experience for 16-23 year olds


Non-statutory advice from the Department for Education to help schools, colleges and other training providers deliver work experience as a part of 16-19 study programmes and traineeships for 16-23 year olds.

HSE: Information sheet for employers reporting incidents in schools


Read the HSE's guidance to employers with reference to incident reporting in schools (accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences) here.

TES-Connect: Children are born academically unlucky


TES-Connect article exploring the theory that children who are young for their year are at a disadvantage from the moment they start school. Read the full article here.

Telegraph: Labour's 540 millon diploma qualification axed


The Telegraph reporting that Labour’s flagship qualification introduced as an alternative to A-levels is to be axed despite almost 540 million of taxpayers’ money spent developing the course. Read the full article here.